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1680 Becket Ave
Columbus, OH, 43235
United States

(312) 952-8011

614 Church in Columbus, OH

614 Church is a Christian church, one that seeks to live out Bible principles in a real, organic, and powerful way.  Jesus came to save us, He sent the Holy Spirit to empower and equip us, and to see the Kingdom of God established on the earth.


Aug 16, 2015 will be our first Sunday in our new venue.  614 Church will start meeting at Gables Elementary School, and we look forward to meeting you there!

After almost 9 months since our new church started in a home, our next space is a school that will be able to fit all the amazing people that have joined this church.

You're invited!

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Visiting a new place can often be intimidating, don't worry, we've all been there.  614 Church may be different to other places you've visited, but our commitment is to stay as true to picture of what a New Testament church should look like as possible.  This means we're committed to being a community, we're committed to the word of God, and we're committed to seeing the Holy Spirit be a part of every aspect of our meeting.

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