About 614

At the core, we are a community of people who love Jesus, and seek to live out this faith in an authentic way with the express mission of loving the people of Columbus as Jesus does.  You may get a glimpse of this in these few pages, but we invite you to visit us on a Sunday, or in one of the small groups we host throughout the city.

614 Church is a Bible-based, non-denominational church, who believe our lives were made for a greater purpose. 

How did 614 Church start?

A group of people in Columbus had been praying, and seeking God, praying that He would bring a spiritual revival to this city. At the same time, 2 families in Chicago who had been part of Church In The City had been praying that as they accepted work in Columbus He would make His plans clear and that we would be part of God planting new churches here. David and Kathy had accepted a position at a local bank, knowing that it was God's leading that brought them here.

After being here for 6 months, they knew God had made it clear that a new church was to start. Together with their kids, and parents, they started small and simply, in the basement of their home. God's presence was so evident, the kids being part of worship, discussing the word, and hearing God speak through the conversations, through pictures, through dreams, and very clearly through His word.

Having an active relationship with Jesus is, and has to be, a key mark of this church. Jesus said that He will build His church, and we believe our responsibility is to keep listening to His leading. The Old Testament shows how God led the people of Israel through clouds in the day and fire in the night. They had prophets, and signs. In the New Testament we saw the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Always, there is an active ingredient in our relationship with God, and that is available for anyone who believes in Jesus.

Come and be a part of a community who dare to believe that God has great plans in store for this city, and the people of Columbus.